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What is Fringe?

  • A fringe ben­e­fits mar­ket­place that gives you an easy way to offer employ­ees their choice lifestyle ben­e­fits that they’ll love

  • For more, see What is Fringe? (90-sec­ond intro­duc­to­ry video)

Why does Fringe exist?

  • Our endgame: that one day every­one would wake up excit­ed to go to work

What are Fringe’s values?

  1. We are humans, not resources
  2. We stay humble
  3. We act with courage
  4. We keep it simple
  5. We’re all entrepreneurs

What is the val­ue propo­si­tion of Fringe?

  • For the employ­er, Fringe allows orga­ni­za­tions to pro­mote the well­be­ing of their employ­ees on the employ­ees own terms.
  • For the employ­ee, Fringe gives the employ­ee the choice to choose the ben­e­fits that are most mean­ing­ful to them

How does Fringe work?

  • The pri­ma­ry use case for Fringe exists between an employ­er and their employees.

  • The employ­er offers points to employ­ees through one or more of the following:
    • As a month­ly or quar­ter­ly stipend

    • For man­ag­er spot bonuses

    • For rewards and recognition

    • On anniver­saries or oth­er spe­cial occasions

  • The employ­ee can spend their points on any ser­vice in the marketplace

How do points work on Fringe?

  • Points gam­i­fy the expe­ri­ence of choos­ing lifestyle ben­e­fits on our platform. 

  • $1 buys 5 points

  • Points nev­er expire

What can employ­ees buy with their points?

Fringe offers

  • 130+ ser­vices to your employ­ees that save them time, reduce stress, impact the fam­i­ly, and spark joy.

  • Local, nation­al, and inter­na­tion­al vendors

  • No markups or hid­den fees: most ser­vices on Fringe are priced below mar­ket value


  • 8 in 10 employ­ees say that Fringe increased their loy­al­ty to their company

  • 87% of employ­ees said that Fringe was more mean­ing­ful, or as mean­ing­ful, as their tra­di­tion­al benefits

  • 84% of employ­ees say they pre­fer lifestyle ben­e­fits over in-office perks

  • 90% aver­age uti­liza­tion & engage­ment for pro­grams with month­ly contributions

Where can I learn more about the industry?
How can I request PTO / what is the PTO policy?
  • Fringe cares about your hap­pi­ness! Employ­ees are giv­en unlim­it­ed paid time off, so long as it’s approved by the respec­tive manager.
  • After get­ting approval from your man­ag­er, email fringeteam@​fringe.​us with your days off and block them off on your calendar:

Vendors & services

For a com­plete list of vendors:

How do you deter­mine which ven­dors are on the site?

  • Fringe focus on ser­vices, not products
  • You won’t find gift cards or marked up vac­u­um clean­ers on Fringe
  • Our ven­dor team hand selects ven­dors that reduce stress, give back time, impact the fam­i­ly, or spark joy (our Four Pillars).

How are ven­dors select­ed? How can I sug­gest a new vendor?

  • The Ven­dor team, led by E, han­dles our ven­dor pipeline.
  • Sug­gest a new ven­dor using this form
  • View pre­vi­ous sug­ges­tions and con­ver­sa­tions around ven­dors in the #ven­dor-sug­ges­tions Slack channel.

Are ser­vices on Fringe marked up?

What is the aver­age cost of a ser­vice in Fringe?

  • Ser­vices range from $15 for food deliv­ery to over a hun­dred of dol­lars for vir­tu­al ther­a­py. Users can top off pur­chas­es with their cred­it card if they don’t have enough points.

Can employ­ers edit the mar­ket­place to include stand­alone ser­vices they offer?

  • Yes. They can remove ser­vices (such as com­peti­tors) or add ser­vices. Adding a ben­e­fit the com­pa­ny already has to Fringe, like an EAP, is a great way to increase utilization.

Using points

Do points rollover from month to month?

  • Yes

What hap­pens to points when an employ­ee leaves their employer?

  • They remain with the employee’s account, which they will still have access to

What is the con­ver­sion rate between points and dollars?

  • 5 points equal $1

Can I use my cred­it card to buy up to addi­tion­al items?

  • Yes, you can use any avail­able points and top off” by adding a cred­it card dur­ing the check-out process.

Can I donate to a char­i­ty of choice?

  • Yes, with Fringe Pre­mi­um you can give your points to friends, fam­i­ly, cowork­ers, and any char­i­ty of your choice. Dona­tions to 501©3s are tax deductible

What can employ­ees redeem with their points?

  • Fringe offers 130+ ser­vices to your employ­ees that save them time, reduce stress, impact the fam­i­ly, and spark joy.

  • Cat­e­gories of ben­e­fits include:
    • Fit­ness apps

    • Online ther­a­py

    • Life coach­ing

    • Food and gro­cery delivery

    • Fam­i­ly sup­port, includ­ing vir­tu­al learn­ing, edu­ca­tion­al activ­i­ty subscriptions

    • Care­giv­ing for kids, pets, and aging fam­i­ly members

    • Enter­tain­ment, includ­ing stream­ing, gam­ing, and more

  • Avail­able ven­dors may be cus­tomized at the client’s request