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Frequently asked questions

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What is Fringe?

  • A fringe ben­e­fits mar­ket­place that gives you an easy way to offer employ­ees their choice lifestyle ben­e­fits that they’ll love

  • For more, see What is Fringe? (90-sec­ond intro­duc­to­ry video)

How do points work on Fringe?

  • Points gam­i­fy the expe­ri­ence of choos­ing lifestyle ben­e­fits on our platform. 

  • $1 buys 5 points

  • Points nev­er expire

What can employ­ees buy with their points?

Fringe offers

  • 130+ ser­vices to your employ­ees that save them time, reduce stress, impact the fam­i­ly, and spark joy.

  • Local, nation­al, and inter­na­tion­al vendors

  • No markups or hid­den fees: most ser­vices on Fringe are priced below mar­ket value


  • 8 in 10 employ­ees say that Fringe increased their loy­al­ty to their company

  • 87% of employ­ees said that Fringe was more mean­ing­ful, or as mean­ing­ful, as their tra­di­tion­al benefits

  • 84% of employ­ees say they pre­fer lifestyle ben­e­fits over in-office perks

  • 90% aver­age uti­liza­tion & engage­ment for pro­grams with month­ly contributions

Vendors & services #

How do you deter­mine which ven­dors are on the site?

  • Fringe focus on ser­vices, not products
  • You won’t find gift cards or marked up vac­u­um clean­ers on Fringe
  • Our ven­dor team hand selects ven­dors that reduce stress, give back time, impact the fam­i­ly, or spark joy.

Are ser­vices on Fringe marked up?

  • No, and in many cas­es they’re discounted. 

What is the aver­age cost of a ser­vice on Fringe?

  • Ser­vices range from $10 for fit­ness class­es to over a hun­dred of dol­lars for vir­tu­al ther­a­py. Users can top off pur­chas­es with their cred­it card if they don’t have enough points.

How often do ven­dors change?

  • New ven­dors are added to the plat­form reg­u­lar­ly, and show­cased in the New to Fringe cat­e­go­ry

Can employ­ers edit or cus­tomize the mar­ket­place to include stand­alone ser­vices they offer?

  • Yes. They can remove ser­vices (such as com­peti­tors) or add ser­vices through a sim­ple process.
  • Adding a ben­e­fit the com­pa­ny already has to Fringe, like an EAP, is a great way to increase uti­liza­tion. Please keep in mind that any mar­ket­place addi­tions do push out com­pa­ny launch times 2 – 3 weeks and may require emails and meet­ings between Fringe, your client, and the vendor..

Is there a fee for cus­tomiz­ing the marketplace?

  • Nope!

Setup and Onboarding #

What is the imple­men­ta­tion process?

It takes only a few weeks to imple­ment Fringe.

  1. You sched­ule a demo with Fringe and your client
  2. Your client signs our MSA reflect­ing your dis­count­ed pricing
  3. Your client receives a ded­i­cat­ed CSM who will help set up the clien­t’s spe­cif­ic pro­grams and instance of Fringe
  4. Employ­ees receive an email to claim their accounts

The Fringe Cus­tomer Suc­cess team will take it from there!

Pricing and funding #

What are the pro­gram lev­el options for Fringe: Essen­tial vs Premium?

  • Offi­cial Fringe part­ners get pre­ferred pric­ing below our stan­dard $5 PEPM. Con­tact broker@​fringe.​us if you’re unaware of your spe­cif­ic discount.

What pro­grams can clients accom­plish with Fringe?

Most of our cus­tomers use Fringe to offer their employ­ees a lifestyle ben­e­fits stipend. Addi­tion­al pro­grams can be added for no addi­tion­al cost:

  • Month­ly point stipend for a flex­i­ble lifestyle (rec­om­mend­ed for high­est uti­liza­tion & engagement)

  • Rewards or recognition

  • Man­ag­er spot bonus­es and incentives

  • Birthdays/​Celebrations/​baby shower/​wedding

  • Work anniver­sary & mile­stone gifts

  • Free lunch­es & snacks/​drinks for employ­ees not in the office

Which pro­grams are rec­om­mend­ed for my client?
  • We rec­om­mend sched­ul­ing a meet­ing between you, your client, and Fringe to come up with a strategy
  • Here’s a sim­ple use case deck to get started
What is the rec­om­mend­ed min­i­mum rewards amount to see val­ue in the program?
  • Lifestyle stipend pro­grams that tar­get $50-$100 /​mo see the high­est engagement

  • For addi­tion­al pro­grams we recommend:
    • Birth­days: $25 – 50 /​yr

    • Ser­vice anniver­saries: $100-$1,000+ depend­ing on tenure

    • Man­ag­er rewards: $50/​quarter

    • Well­be­ing sub­sidy pro­gram: varies

How to Get a Quote / Pricing:

Points #

Can I use my cred­it card to buy up to addi­tion­al items?

  • Yes, you can use any avail­able points and top off” by adding a cred­it card dur­ing the check-out process.

Can I donate to a char­i­ty of choice?

  • Yes, with Fringe Pre­mi­um you can give your points to friends, fam­i­ly, cowork­ers, and any char­i­ty of your choice. Dona­tions to 501©3s are tax deductible

Is there a min­i­mum point bal­ance for employees?
  • Nope! And if an employ­ee does­n’t have enough points to make a selec­tion, they can top off the pur­chase with a cred­it card.

What can employ­ees redeem with their points?

  • Fringe offers 130+ ser­vices to your employ­ees that save them time, reduce stress, impact the fam­i­ly, and spark joy.

  • Cat­e­gories of ben­e­fits include:
    • Fit­ness apps

    • Online ther­a­py

    • Life coach­ing

    • Food and gro­cery delivery

    • Fam­i­ly sup­port, includ­ing vir­tu­al learn­ing, edu­ca­tion­al activ­i­ty subscriptions

    • Care­giv­ing for kids, pets, and aging fam­i­ly members

    • Enter­tain­ment, includ­ing stream­ing, gam­ing, and more

  • Avail­able ven­dors may be cus­tomized at the client’s request

Do points expire?

  • Nope! Points can be saved month to month and year to year, unless the employ­er choos­es to set it up differently.

Invoicing and taxes #

How does invoic­ing work?

  • Fringe invoic­es the employ­er direct­ly on the first of the month for any points allo­cat­ed to employ­ees as well as the PEPM user fee for all employ­ees at the com­pa­ny in the program.

  • Here’s a 2021 w9 for Fringe if it’s requested.

Are Fringe selec­tions tax deductible?

  • Stu­dent Loan Repay­ment and char­i­ta­ble giv­ing selec­tions are tax-deductible to the employ­ee. In both sit­u­a­tions, the employ­ee will receive receipts at the begin­ning of the next cal­en­dar year direct­ly from Fringe’s ven­dors that facil­i­tate these ser­vices. Those can be used when fill­ing out their taxes.
  • At the begin­ning of the year, Fringe sends employ­ers a report detail­ing total tax­able income bro­ken out by employ­ee. This can then be added to a w2 as compensation.

  • We do not han­dle pre-tax ben­e­fits — we leave that up to FSAs/​HSAs

Tax Infor­ma­tion for Employers:

  • Tax­able fringe ben­e­fit (treat­ed by the IRS like a gift card; tax­able income to the employee)

  • Fringe pro­vides employ­ers with report­ing of tax­able income per employ­ee (cus­tomized report­ing may be avail­able upon request)

  • Cus­tomers typ­i­cal­ly add tax­able income to W‑2s at the end of the year. 

  • Here is a tax guide for employ­ers to fur­ther under­stand the tax impli­ca­tions of Fringe Ben­e­fits — A Guide to Fringe Ben­e­fits.

Other Questions? Email broker@​fringe.​us #