3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Step 1: Set goals

Determine what business goals you’d like to accomplish

Every business is different. Whether you’re looking to retain key talent, provide flexible benefits to a remote team, or promote wellbeing, Fringe has you covered. Simply select your goals and we’ll help prove ROI.
Launch quickly with our rollout toolkits and templates. Fringe customers launch in 2 weeks
Our customer success and support team (yes, real humans!) is there for you every step of the way
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Step 2: Pick programs

Pick programs and automate funding

No more guessing what your people want. We’ll recommend programs to fit your goals and employees will receive funding by way of points to use in the Fringe marketplace.
Our platform makes it easy to allocate points for stipends, birthdays, rewards, subsidies, and more
Receive helpful data and insights into how our benefits are impacting employees’ lives and enhancing company culture
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Step 3: Employees Choose

Employees Choose What They Want

This is the exciting part! As soon as you launch, employees will have access to the Fringe Marketplace and can choose the benefits that mean the most to them.
With our curation and recommendations, your people will have access to 130+ best-in-class vendors and growing
Fringe sends employees their benefits on the same day they make their selection
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Ready to get started?

Explore on your own how top HR and people teams are using Fringe to save money while leveling up their employee experience.
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