Keep up with Fringe and how they are chang­ing employ­ee ben­e­fits and com­pa­ny cul­tures. Dig in.

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9 Stages of the Employee Life Cycle

From the moment an employ­ee learns about a com­pa­ny to the sec­ond they leave, there needs to be a clear plan and process. This life cycle can be bro­ken down into nine crit­i­cal stages. 

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How to Create a Successful Employee of the Month Program

When most peo­ple think about an employ­ee of the month pro­gram, they imag­ine a wall of smil­ing employ­ee por­traits from over the years. How­ev­er, today’s pro­grams require a bit more consideration

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Creative Ways to Communicate Benefits to Employees

Employ­ee ben­e­fits pack­ages can be com­pli­cat­ed, espe­cial­ly if they aren’t ade­quate­ly com­mu­ni­cat­ed from the start. That’s prob­a­bly why 54% of mil­len­ni­al employ­ees say they don’t ful­ly under­stand their employ­ee benefits.

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7 Employee Birthday Ideas

These sev­en employ­ee birth­day recog­ni­tion ideas are some of the best ways com­pa­nies can rec­og­nize employ­ee birthdays.

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9 Valuable Human Resource Trends for 2022

2020 and 2021 brought sev­er­al unprece­dent­ed changes and chal­lenges to HR depart­ments across the coun­try, and experts pre­dict 2022 will be anoth­er year of con­tin­u­al adap­ta­tion and inno­va­tion. From hybrid envi­ron­ments to eth­i­cal tech­nol­o­gy, here are the top nine human resource trends for 2022.

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7 Interesting Employee Retention Statistics

Many com­pa­nies focus on attract­ing top tal­ent. How­ev­er, too few have strate­gies for retain­ing those employ­ees once they join the team. It’s true — employ­ee reten­tion is no easy feat, and it requires a deep under­stand­ing of what peo­ple need to feel hap­py and engaged at work. How can com­pa­nies keep their employ­ees tru­ly engaged? It starts by under­stand­ing what employ­ees want and what’s going on in the work­force at large.

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9 Reasons Why Top-Performing Employees Leave

Top-per­form­ing employ­ees are hard to come by, so it can be dev­as­tat­ing for an orga­ni­za­tion when they leave. In fact, only 7% of com­pa­nies feel they have the abil­i­ty to retain top per­form­ers. Why is that? As with all employ­ee reten­tion issues, there isn’t a sim­ple answer. In fact, there are many rea­sons why great employ­ees leave, and those rea­sons can be as diverse as the employ­ees them­selves. There­fore, it’s impor­tant to under­stand why top tal­ent leave organizations.

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