Perks and benefits to match your employee experience

  • Diverse
  • Flexible
  • Supportive
  • Enjoyable

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The best companies use Fringe to attract and retain the best people

By giving choice to their people, Fringe customers have 50% less turnover than their competitors.

Lorie, CPO
@ Turo

We love Fringe! Being able to offer our global team benefits that are most meaningful to them without an administrative burden has been a dream come true.

  • Benefits to support the whole person

    Fringe offers benefits that go beyond mental and physical health with curated options for caregiver support, financial wellness, continued learning, recreation and so much more.

  • Diverse benefits for a diverse workforce

    With over 120+ vendors on our marketplace, Fringe has options to support all of your people’s unique needs.

  • Benefits your people will love

    Simply put, employees love Fringe. The average utilization & engagement for companies offering monthly Fringe benefits is 90%.

8 in 10

employees say Fringe has increased their loyalty

Group 14 2x

Drive employee engagement and wellbeing by offering them choice

Employees that feel cared for are more likely to stay engaged and stick around.

  • Check out how our customers are using Fringe:
  • Support every lifestyle

    Provide a monthly, quarterly, or annual stipend and let your people customize benefits that fit their lives.

    Whether you're replacing a gym reimbursement or expanding a lunch stipend program, Fringe will delight with best-in-class services that are just as diverse as your people.

  • Promote health and happiness

    Wellbeing means different things to different people and Fringe helps you meet your people right where they're at with solutions to fit every need:

    • Virtual therapy
    • Meditation apps
    • Student loan repayment
    • Life and career coaching
    • Financial wellness
    • Prenatal and caregiver support
    • Physical fitness
  • Recognize your people in all the important moments

    Fringe does it all to make your rewards programs easy to manage. No more gift cards and reimbursements - surprise and delight your people with:

    • Manager rewards
    • Milestones and anniversaries
    • Birthdays
    • Peer-to-peer giving
  • Support your people wherever they are

    The workplace looks a lot different today. Whether your people are working in bedrooms or labs, providing an equitable experience to your teams is critical to getting culture right.

    Replace your in-office perks with local and global services that work wherever your people are working.

  • Boost engagement with employee gifting

    Build strong teams by creating a culture of giving.

    Peer giving: gift services or points to coworkers, friends, and family

    Charitable giving: make tax-deductible gifts to 501(c)3s