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Fringe and Cognos HR Resources

Welcome …

To the Fringe and Cognos HR Partnership Page.

This is your home base to find any and all resources that per­tain to this part­ner­ship. Cog­nos HR has been one of our clos­est PEO part­ners and so we have set up these part­ner­ship terms:

  1. Min­i­mum of 10 Eli­gi­ble Employ­ees (EE) — The Fringe stan­dard is a min­i­mum of 40 EE
  2. Quote and bill clients for PEPM at $3 PEPM — This is a 40% dis­count off of our direct $5 PEPM pric­ing. Fringe will bill client direct­ly for all PEPM and ben­e­fit funding. 
  3. For <40EE deals a Fringe sales­per­son will not be involved. Please share these resources with any inter­est­ed clients:
    1. Fringe Overview
    2. Fringe Use Cases
    3. Fringe Intro Video
    4. Fringe How It Works Video

Getting Started

Demo account

To cre­ate a demo account for your­self or a client, vis­it fringe​.us/​t​r​y​-​f​o​r​-free. This cre­ates a demo account with arti­fi­cial points so that you can explore Fringe’s functionality.

What is Fringe?

Key links

Set Up and Onboarding

What is the Imple­men­ta­tion Process?

  1. If you have a new client that has giv­en a ver­bal or writ­ten com­mit­ment to pur­chase Fringe, send them the Onboard­ing and Eli­gi­bil­i­ty form to com­plete, CC onboarding@​fringe.​us, and instruct them to return the form to onboarding@​fringe.​us.
  2. Once the client has sub­mit­ted the form, the Fringe Onboard­ing Team will respond with con­fir­ma­tion and an MSA for the client to sign. View our MSA here.
  3. After receiv­ing the signed MSA, the Fringe Onboard­ing team will begin imple­men­ta­tion. This will be done over a series of emails with the client. 
  4. When Onboard­ing is com­plete, the client will receive an All Set” email. This email includes an overview of the plan design, dates, resources, and next steps. 
  5. Client will be billed the first week of the upcom­ing month. 


What hap­pens post-launch?

  1. The client will reach out to support@​fringe.​us for all ques­tions fol­low­ing the launch of their pro­gram. Our Sup­port Team is avail­able to answer all ques­tions in a time­ly manner. 
  2. Cog­nos HR will send Fringe all new hires and ter­mi­na­tions for all clients by the 22 of the month by com­plet­ing this spread­sheet. Alter­na­tive­ly, you can email onboarding@​fringe.​us with this infor­ma­tion. Fringe will load all new hires and ter­mi­na­tions in time for any upcom­ing point dispersions. 
  3. Con­tracts will auto-renew 60 days pri­or to the con­tract end term unless noti­fied pri­or to the end of the con­tract term. See MSA for addi­tion­al details. 

Thank you for your partnership! 

If you have addi­tion­al ques­tions please reach out to onboarding@​fringe.​us.