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Fringe and Navigate resources


To the Fringe and Navigate Partnership page.  #

This is your home base to find any and all resources that per­tain to this partnership.

All items list­ed in this page are for Fringe and Nav­i­gate employ­ees to use, but can also be shared pub­licly unless oth­er­wise noted.

Getting Started #

Demo account

To cre­ate a demo account for your­self or a client, vis­it fringe​.us/​t​r​y​-​f​o​r​-free. This cre­ates a sand­boxed tri­al account with arti­fi­cial points so that you can explore Fringe’s functionality.

Key links

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Fringe vs. ADR


Essential vs. Premium

Decks #

Set Up and Onboarding #

What is the Imple­men­ta­tion Process? 

  1. Edit the Fringe-Nav­i­­gate Client Pro­pos­al (see below) and send it to the client. Please BCC navigate@​fringe.​us
  2. The com­pa­ny signs the stan­dard Nav­i­gate MSA (see below) indi­cat­ing that they’d like Fringe to be one of their Deliv­ery Meth­ods for employees.
  3. Fill out a sim­ple Cus­tomer Onboard­ing Form, attach the Nav­i­gate MSA adden­dum and send it to onboarding@​fringe.​us. Please CC: asprenkle@​navigatewell.​com, lconwell@​navigatewell.​com, jbarclay@​navigatewell.​com, and corourke@​navigatewell.​com.
  4. Fringe will con­firm receipt of the email, process it and then work with the Nav­i­gate Team through the Fringe-Nav­i­gate Inte­gra­tion to set­up indi­vid­ual employ­ee accounts so that Sin­gle Sign On direct­ly into the Fringe mar­ket­place is set­up for all employ­ees on the day of launch.

The Fringe Cus­tomer Suc­cess team will take it from there!

Proposals & Addendums #

What is Fringe? #

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How does Fringe work? #

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How does Fringe work for employees? #

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NOTE: Nav­i­gate users will not have to ver­i­fy their email address

Wellbeing:Personalized: for Busy Parents #

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Wellbeing:Personalized: for Younger Workforce #

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Questions? Email navigate@​fringe.​us #